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I’m so happy to back here 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I needed the time away to spend with family and friends over the festive season, but I missed writing. How was your holidays? Hope it was a great one, but now, what’s happening in 2018? Well…

Nothing, unless I get off my arse and actually do things instead of thinking about it. You see, this little break made me realise that I’m fantastic at imagining great things, not so good at the putting it into action phase. So this post is about how I plan to cut that habit out.

1. Schedule my day. And stick to it! There are 24 hours in a day or 1,440 minutes. That’s a lot of time and if I plan it out, I’ll actually get everything I want to do done. I have a diary to do this and now that I’m in the habit of checking it, I wonder how I ever managed without.

2. Be clear on what I want. None of this half-hearted dithering I’m a gold medalist at. I have goals I want to achieve this year, I’ve written them down and I’ve placed them somewhere I’ll see them all the time so I’m reminded.

3. Know that it is ok to say no. This one is a big one for me. I have a hard time saying no to people and have a tendency to overbook myself at certain times of the year. That has to stop. I get stressed, people get upset and all I had to do was explain that I was already busy and there would never have been a situation in the first place.

4. Have deadlines and work towards them. It’s a simple concept and it works. Make your own deadlines if you need to. Just keep working towards that goal and celebrate the milestones along the way.

5. Don’t procrastinate! I usually put little tasks off until ‘later’. Well later becomes never and I suddenly realise that I didn’t send that text/email, whatever and once again I’m stressing. Later is going to be taken out of my vocabulary. It’s not that useful when it comes to getting things done. And I am getting things done this year!

So that’s the plan. This year is going to be epic and full of self-discipline. I really don’t want to get to the end of it and realise that it was a nothing year (nothing good, nothing bad). If it’s true that life is what we make it, then I’m aiming for a good one. Have a happy and creative week everyone and let me know your tips to getting things done in the comments 🙂

Each week, Samantha, shares her thoughts on the writing process and the trials and tribulations of working towards publication.

Samantha House ǀ @samanthahouse
Samantha is a writer of fiction (with a focus on fantasy) from Mandurah, Western Australia. She is an avid reader of anything except horror. Her imagination is too vivid for that and she needs at least a little sleep. A coffee addict with four children you can read more on her personal blog here.

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