Meet the new faces behind Her Heart in 2018

This month we are pleased to welcome a number of new faces to the curating team for the Her Heart digital community on Instagram.

Our new curators bring fresh eyes and different perspectives to our digital feature account, and we are excited to see the work that they will highlight and showcase in coming months. Read on to meet the passionate poetry junkies who will be curating Her Heart in 2018.

Kristina Fanning
Curator – Instagram ǀ @kristinafanning

Kristina is an editor from the United States, who in her spare time writes, reads and takes photos. Among her favorite poets are Octavio Paz, Frank O’Hara, E.E. Cummings, and the ancient Chinese masters.

A published poet, Kristina’s work, which leans towards micropoetry, achieves connection in very few words, and is complex, layered and rich. Kristina is a poet who is not afraid of the dark, or what hides inside. You can see more of her work, and connect with her on Instagram @kristinafanning.

Curator – Instagram ǀ @rahsputin_

Robert gets paid to write — but much to his relief, it’s technical writing, so the creativity doesn’t have to bring home the bacon. Sometimes he wonders if this is actually a detriment, and that ability (such as it is) gets flabby without pressure, without the battle testing of the marketplace.

Regardless, Robert values writing as a journey, a path to self-understanding formed by crystalizing one’s thoughts and impressions. The fearless paths are his favourite. The ones that threaten to jump the metaphorical track, and bend those rails up and up with just enough ties to keep things together but only a few so we feel the wobble.

Jed Wylde
Curator – Instgram ǀ @something.i.did

Jed Wylde is in the United States, she is an avid supporter of the arts, loves poetry and music. She is inspired by nature and this beautiful planet. Her dream is to one day retire from her demanding job so she can travel and write full time.

Jed is one half of the creative duo Something I Did. You can see more of their work, which is an exploration of the collision of words and art, on Instagram.

Carolyn Mei Yan
Curator – Instagram ǀ @lipstickandmiracles

Mei is a Singaporean poet at the crossroads of cultures. Having spent several years living in France and fluent in English, French and Mandarin, her love of travel and nature inspires many of her poems. She savours the sacred in the everyday, and has an affinity and deep love for the written word.

Mei’s poetry has been featured in the San Pedro River Review (Fall 2017 issue) and on ezines like The Connotation Press. Her work has also been nominated for The Pushcart Prize. She posts micropoems regularly on her Instagram page, Lipstick & Miracles.

She is motivated by the meaningful connections she has formed with the many talented writers on Instagram, and looks forward to spreading her passion for poetry.

You can visit ‘Our People’ here to meet all of our team members, including our existing staff.

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