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Social issues are a serious factor in today’s digital world, but their focus is often limited to specific moments in the strands of cybertime, existing only as long as the associated hashtag is trending. Launching today on Instagram and herheartpoetry.com, Her Hearts Reach  ǀ @herheartsreach, aims to go beyond the ether and give creatives a safe and inclusive shared space to share social issues.

What is the focus this month? What shall we champion next? Mental health, adult and child abuse, homelessness and social poverty are just some of the issues that are on our doorstep and in our lives daily.  Her Hearts Reach is a platform dedicated solely to these issues and dedicated to giving artists a haven to be seen and heard without judgment or stigma, to enable these issues to be at the forefront, and in our hearts and minds all of the time.

Join the movement at @herheartsreach on Instagram.

Meet the people behind Her Hearts Reach and read their stories:

Jonathan Brooks ǀ @angelfell121

Separation and divorce killed me, not because of the betrayal, but simply because I went from having four beautiful beings jumping on my bed every morning to nothing, silence. It’s strange how the mind works in those situations, but I could feel the change in me as the depression crept in, it was not a hidden demon slipping through my subconscious. I felt I was in a dark room, and could not find the switch, and I was petrified of the dark. I remember it all being a blur, and thought one night that Vodka and a plethora of various pills would offer clarity. You never really consider your actions and those you would potentially leave behind, but in a roundabout way, I guess I did find clarity, after a pump, and many counselling sessions. That was four years ago, and I wrote my demons away and still do now, I found myself. It may seem small and inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, but that’s my story. What’s yours?

Stephanie A. W. Martin ǀ @stephanieawmartin

I’ve suffered depressions since my teenage years; recently discovering it was a misdiagnosis and I’m bipolar. I also suffer severe generalized and social anxiety. My silence on the subject fed my diseases. I was never shy about my illness and willing to speak, but felt the stigma nonetheless due to others reactions. I learned it was a faux-pas at a young age. 2017 added postpartum depression and the first active suicidal ideation in years. And then I found my voice anew.

You can read poetry from Her Hearts Reach on Instagram or in our gallery.

Join Her Hearts reach, and be seen, be heard and be you.

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