#herheartlive ǀ @herheartpoetry ǀ Mondays, 8pm EST

Her Heart Poetry is proud to present, Her Heart Live, hosted by Justyn Huang. Each week, Justyn and Her Heart, will bring you live poetry readings from our community to grab the heart and make you feel. Tune in live on Instagram on Mondays at 8pm EST or watch on our YouTube channel.

Meet our host, Justyn Huang:

Justyn Huang ǀ @justynpikachu

Based in NYC, Justyn works in Finance by day but dabbles in Poetry by night. He strongly believes in individuality and self-expression so he uses his words to entertain others.

He first got his start in poetry at a young age in elementary school when he won his class poetry competition. After that he took interest in other hobbies such as gymnastics, running, acting, improv-comedy, short films, technology and had a brief stint as a youtuber.

He hopes to one day publish a book – but for now loves connecting with others in the poetry scene and attending open mics throughout the city.

For him, poetry and the spoken word are one of the highest forms of purpose and meaning.

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