Is this open to people from [insert country here]?
Yes, yes, yes!  This is an International poetry competition and all are welcome to enter.  Payment will be made to the winner via PayPal and copies of the anthology sent via international post, so borders are no barrier to entry.

Is there a theme?
We have not set a specific theme. We are looking for your best short work poem/micropoem. Works should be written in this spirit.

I’ve already posted the poem to my Instagram account, can I still enter it?
If you have only posted it to your own Instagram account then we consider this to be ‘unpublished’ and you are able to enter it.

However, if it has been reposted or featured by another account (e.g: Words with Queens, Words with Kings, Open Letters That Matter, Illogical Poem World, By Me Poetry, Poetry Hive, Creative Coeterie etc) or had your work posted on a website, or other publication, then we consider your work to be ‘published’ and you can not enter it.

How many poems can I enter?
You can enter as many poems as you like.  Please note that you will have to pay the associated entry fee for each entry. The entry fee is USD$10.00 per entry, or a discounted fee of USD$20.00 for up to four entries.

What do you mean, ‘fit on a single square Instagram post‘?
Entries are limited to 12 lines or less.  They must also be able to fit on a single square Instagram post. To test this, create a post with your poem on it.  It should be easily read and legible, without the use of the caption.

How is the competition judged and what are the judges looking for?
Entries will be judged blind.  This means we do not know who wrote the poem, or which account they are connected to. All we will have is the words!

What format should my submission be in?
Please use Word or equivalent to write your entry and double space each line. Write it as you wish it be published (particularly if the form is important in the reading). Do NOT put your name or account handle on your submission. Each poem must also be on a separate page. Please put the title of your poem at the top of the page. If your poem does not have a title please write ‘Untitled’ at the top of the page.

When can I submit and where?
Entries must be submitted via the submissions portal.  The submissions portal can be found HERE.

I have a question, what should I do?
If you have a question please contact us.  The best method is to send an email to We want to help you put together the best submission that you can, so if you have a question please contact us.

We will continue to update the FAQ as we receive questions.  There are no silly questions, so please get in touch if there is anything that you are unsure about.

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