Social issues are a serious factor in today’s digital world, but their focus is often limited to specific moments in the strands of cybertime, existing only as long as the associated hashtag is trending. Her Hearts Reach aims to go beyond the ether and give creatives a safe and inclusive shared space to share social issues.

What is the focus this month? What shall we champion next? Mental health, adult and child abuse, homelessness and social poverty are just some of the issues that are on our doorstep and in our lives daily.  Her Hearts Reach ǀ @herheartsreach is a platform dedicated solely to these issues and dedicated to giving artists a haven to be seen and heard without judgment or stigma, to enable these issues to be at the forefront and in our hearts and minds all of the time.

Read selected works in the gallery below or join the movement at @herheartsreach on Instagram.

Be Seen. Be Heard. Be You.

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