History has proven time and time again, that one person who speaks up can, in fact, make a difference.
How much more difference can be made, then, when two hearts are beating to the same drumbeat?

That’s exactly what Two Hearts Beat Stronger I @twoheartsbeatstronger is here to show everyone: by teaming people up with one another, poets can challenge themselves and one another to think outside the box and in terms unfamiliar to them so that the resulting poetry and message therein is stronger, more vibrant, and still 100% original.

If you enjoy reading poetry from individual poets, you’ll love reading collaborative works from your favorite poets’ combined efforts, and Two Hearts Beat Stronger is the only place on IG created specifically for writers who want to team up and reach even more readers.

Listen to selected works in the gallery below and join the movement at @twoheartbeatstronger on Instagram.

Be Seen. Be Heard. Be You

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