Delving into our celtic roots with a classical Welsh form. The Rhupunt is one of the 24 different types of poetic meter, written in cynghanedd of varying complexity.

There is a rhyming pattern of:

aaab, cccb, dddb and so on, which can be displayed in stanzaic or in single line view. (i.e. 4 lines of aaab becomes one line)

Traditionally speaking each line should be 4 syllables long but we won’t hold you to it. We’re focusing on the rhyming scheme! Head over to @TwoHeartsBeatStronger if you’d like to collaborate on a Rhupunt or on Celtic myth in general!

Here’s an example from @palemanpoetry of a Rhupunt:

Blades of grass like silver hair

Masked by oceans hiding where

No man could swim not set a snare

for those who call it home.


Yet in these tiniest of pools

Newsian mages dwell with fools,

Conjuring their gleaming jewels,

while blade to blade they roam.

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