This week’s Kyrielle poems were incredible, everybody was best in form! From the astronaut of @pi.and.anne, to the oaks of @salovie_writes@dichi_poetree ocean eyes and the Icarus of @sacred.wilde; the imagery painted and sealed with the rhyme pattern and refrain was haunting.
It was so hard to choose a ‘best in form’ but something about the ambitious yet delicate refrain used by @blossomhaiku to describe the poetic process enraptured us. We’re all just howling at the moon.

Kyrielle best in form

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the form and what situations you might reach for a kyrielle in.

In November, we will be exploring various “elle” style poems, including the Kyrielle, Diatelle, Octelle, and Terzanelle! This week, we’ll be challenging you to write a Kyrielle. A kyrielle has 8 syllables per line, 4 lines per stanza, with the final line repeating in refrain, and usually follows an abaB rhyming structure throughout the poem.


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