Anna Contrafatto is our featured poet from The Annual today, but don’t let the brevity of her words stop you from checking out the rest of her work: there is beauty in simplicity like this.

Short rhymes like Anna’s are usually the poems that get stuck on repeat in your head, forcing you to consider all the ins and outs of their underlying message.

Anew is part of the largest section of The Annual titled, ‘The Significance of Significants’ which contains poetry on all things related to relationships be they platonic, romantic, familial, or otherwise.

We are so proud to have Anna’s work included in this year’s anthology! Please, please, please check out the rest of her work and show her and Her Heart Poetry your support by picking up a copy of The Annual.

The Annual is available in both physical and digital formats and can be purchased from our shop. Just click here!

And don’t forget to check out the rest of Anna’s writing here.

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