Olivia Katharine, better known to some as @sunflowerpoetryblog, is today’s featured poet from The Annual, and as her handle suggests, you’re guaranteed to find two things when you visit her page. What you’re not guaranteed, though, is a typical experience.

Olivia works hard to provide beautiful and personal poetry on a variety of themes including love and relationships, but what makes her work stand out is her propensity for capturing relationships outside the romance. This piece, in particular, is beautiful, because while it is clearly and deeply personal to Olivia, she has communicated her heart in such a way, that we can’t help but also think fondly of cherished grandparents.

A Beautiful and Simple Space is part of the largest section of The Annual titled, ‘The Significance of Significants’ which contains poetry on all things related to relationships be they platonic, romantic, familial, or otherwise.

We are so proud to have Olivia’s work included in this year’s anthology! Please make sure to check out the rest of her work, and show her and Her Heart Poetry your support by picking up a copy of The Annual which is available in both physical and digital formats and can be purchased from our shop. Just click here!

Again, don’t forget to check out the rest of Olivia’s writing here.

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