Do you see Mara’s images in you mind as you read her poem like we do?
Can you hear the scratching record and shuffling of sheets across skin
as the scent of sulfur and smoke lingers in the air?
These treats and more are brought to you courtesy of Mara H, also known as @maragoose,
today’s featured poet from this year’s edition of The Annual.

Mara is one of our more mysterious poets this year having only published a few of her poems across the worldwide web, but we are all the more honored to have been entrusted with such beautiful work. This piece along with many of her other works, all of which can be found on her website, are highly visual in nature and tend to revolve around relationships both personal and in general.

It should come as no surprise, then, that her poem is part of section three, the largest of all five in The Annual, titled, ‘The Significance of Significants.’ Do you have any specific memories associated with the people you love most? Any memories you hope come to their minds whenever they think of you?

We hope Mara’s poem brings back some pleasant trips (and maybe inspires you to create some new ones).
Having Mara included as one of 38 voices represented in The Annual is such a treat!

Please take a moment to show her your support and encouragement by visiting her page, reading her poetry, and then heading over to our shop to purchase a copy of The Annual – now available in physical and digital formats!

Mara’s Instagram page can be found here.
Her website is available here.
For our shop, just click here.

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