You may not recognize the names Wendy Hines or @silverlake23, but they are one and the same,
and she is one of our 38 poets featured in this year’s edition of
The Annual which is now available in physical and digital formats in our shop.

This poem was an obvious choice to be included in The Annual, because both visually and conceptually, Wendy illustrates the gaps that can so easily grow between the closest of lovers, friends, and even family.

Found in section three, The Significance of Significants, and touching on subjects of bullying and domestic abuse, as well, one of our favorite aspects of Wendy’s poem is the fact that both sides remain genderless throughout the piece. This is so important these days, because abuse doesn’t move in one direction every time, and the sooner we accept that, the sooner we can begin to address issues on both sides of the table.

Truly wonderful work, Wendy! We are so honored to have your work included in The Annual this year and hope to see your work reappear in future editions to come. ^.^

Please take a moment to check out the rest of Wendy’s eclectic page which is filled with poetry, artwork, photography, and even knitting! She’s quite the craftswoman, so show her some love, and remember to support both her and Her Heart Poetry by picking up a copy of The Annual today.

Wendy’s Instagram page can be found here.
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