The Annual is a yearly anthology published by Her Heart Poetry that showcases some of the best and brightest poets the world has to offer, and @reese.leyva has always been among their ranks.

Her poem, Danger, is included in the third section of this year’s edition, titled ‘The Significance of Significants,’ which highlights the many facets of relationships. Sadly, not all relationships are healthy, but as Reese shows through her direct style, an unhealthy relationship only lasts as long as we let them.

Reese is well-known for her voice of female and minority empowerment, and Danger is an incredible example of her self-sufficiency and intolerance of abuse in any form. After you’ve read it in your mind, make sure to read it aloud, as well, because these words crave volume!

Thank you so much, Reese, for sharing your strength with us both today and through The Annual. We are over the moon to have your work included in this year’s anthology and hope to see your work submitted for future anthologies, as well.

Please take a moment to visit Reese’s Instagram page and personal website to see the rest of her editorial and poetic work. For her Instagram page, just click here, and for her website, click here.

Once you’re done with that, make sure to swing over to our shop to show Reese and Her Heart Poetry your support by picking up a copy of The Annual which is available in both physical and digital formats. Head to the shop here.

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