It’s not exactly a holiday poem, but the message contained in this poem from Emma Blas, also known as @phoenixrisespoetry, transcends the holidays, and we’re proud to have it included in this year’s edition of The Annual. ‘Angel Wings’ is the last poem of both section five, titled “Spreading Fire,” as well as the entire book, and for what we believe to be an obvious reason: hope.

If all the poetry included in The Annual represents the deep cuts, the misfired words, the half-smiles, and the unbearable burns, then knowing that at the end, our wings are still there to open and take us to new places or better places or simply other places… well, that should be all you need to know that you always have hope.

Concerning the holidays, too, we understand that this season doesn’t necessarily hold a warm place in everyone’s heart. For many, this is actually the most difficult part of the year, and *that’s okay.* You are not alone in feeling that way, and you should not feel shame for it, either. Just know, that if and when it’s all over, we will be standing right next to you to watch your wings unfurl. (:

Thank you for sharing this piece with us, Emma. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to end The Annual or a better message to lead into the new year. <3

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