This selection from 2018’s edition of The Annual probably wasn’t intended to be a poem for the holidays, but isn’t that part of the beauty of poetry? That we can apply its many messages to different contexts and situations in life regardless of the time of year?

Sara Kelly, whose work can be found at @sara_kelly_poetry on Instagram, is trying to remind us through this beautiful and heartstring-tugging piece, that there’s an entire generation (or two, even!) of people whose lives and experiences so often go ignored, and believe it or not, “old” has got nothing to do with it! Many of our elders are still wonderfully and inspirationally young at heart, and there is so much good that can come from a single conversation with them.

Many of us spend time with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and more during the holidays, so what better opportunity could there be than that which isn’t even inconvenient? Instead of letting them ask all the questions about you and your life this year, try turning the tables! Ask them to tell you a story or two about their life.

You might be surprised what you learn and how much they appreciate your interest and caring. (:

Thank you so much for sharing this touching piece with us, Sara.
We are honored to have it included in The Annual and hope to see much more poetry from you in 2019. <3

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