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Welcome to the Her Heart Poetry community. We’re so happy you’ve decided to share your work with us. We accept reviews, features, stories and essays.

To submit, please do the following:

  • Take a look at our guidelines for contributing writers below.
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  • We also accept previously published blog posts. In this case, please just send us the link.
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Please note that we do edit stories and their titles for length, clarity and our own editorial guidelines. If we feel we’ve made significant enough changes or altered your original tone, we will check with you first before publishing it.

Unfortunately, we can’t publish every story or blog post that we receive. We will let you know if your work does not quite fit what we are looking for and would encourage you to continue to submit in future.

Guidelines for Contributing Writers

Below, you’ll find our editorial guidelines for contributing writers. Her Heart aims to promote poetry in all its forms, and encourage people to read, write and appreciate it on a daily basis. We are interested in all facets of poetry and related literature and are looking for features, stories, reviews and essays that promote the genre and all that it brings to contemporary society.

We are currently accepting submissions in the following areas:

  • Reviews of published poetry anthologies (digital and paperback) and titles that have relevance to the study, understanding, and/or exploration of poetry.
  • Reviews of relevant technology, applications, software, and platforms that can assist poets.
  • Essays/Critiques related to the use, study or exploration of poetry. These can include academic works.
  • Stories to Sip: Personal stories about the positive impact poetry or writing has had on your life.  As an example this might include: poetry as therapy, poetry for activism, or poetry for self-expression and connection.  (Stories to S.I.P is an acronym for ‘Stories to share, inspire and provoke’)
  • Features that are relevant to the use, study or exploration of poetry. This can include how poetry is explored via social media and emerging or new technologies.

We also strongly encourage you to read and review the articles that we have currently published.

Please note that we have a small editorial team and that it may take up to two weeks to respond with a decision.  You will receive an automatic email to confirm that we have received your work.

We look forward to reading your submission.