LAUNCH DAY ǀ The Dream Has Become Reality

Welcome to the new home of Her Heart! Over the last few months I have watched the Her Heart community grow and grow. I have read amazing work that has made me cry and laugh out loud. I have connected with the multiple voices of our global community and it has inspired me to launch a space for this work, the work of new voices in poetry, to be shared with the world.  There are so many who are seeking to provoke and connect with their work and this is a creative space to do just that. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the launch of Her Heart Poetry – A Literary Magazine. Her Heart will continue it’s base on Instagram and we welcome new members to the community. The magazine will run in tandem and we will publish successful works from the Highly Commended category of The…

ARTIST ǀ Haydee Suarez

Her Heart Poetry presents Haydee Suarez ǀ @hi_haydz. You will see her work on the cover of our November 2016 anthology.     A word with Haydee: I am a Cum Laude, Painting Major graduate from University of the Philippines (2007). Back then, I needed money for tuition so I worked as a part-time book illustrator while studying. After graduating, I then worked as a Graphic Designer for different publishing and media companies. Currently, I am a Senior Graphic Designer for a Philippine Channel called 2nd Avenue. I have learned that being an artist in a third world country is hard, if you didn’t have connections, friends with curators or gallery owners. But I still wanted to express myself and to share my work with other people. So social media, like Instagram had became the best option for me. I work with pen, ink and digital drawings. My influences came from creating book…

ARTIST ǀ Alex Lee

Her Heart Poetry presents Alex Lee ǀ @wildghostchild. Her work graces the cover of our September 2016 Anthology. A word with Alex: I am an inspirational artist. I started at the age of eight, turning my art works into galleries, malls, online, and selling them. From then on I have traveled around a bit in the UK to see more interesting works and how to improve mine. I actually skipped a year and graduated early in my education so I am only 19. I work as a tattoo artist and as a mortician in motion of studying and learning. My art is formed by what is around me or just comes out in a flow. Alex is an artist and tattoo artist based in London, UK. To contact her about her work please direct message her on Instagram at @wildghostchild.

ARTIST ǀ Monique Oliver

Her Heart Poetry presents Monique Oliver ǀ @moniqueoliverart. Her work graces the cover of our October 2016 Anthology. A word with Monique: Born in Hawaii, under a water sign, but raised in the UK, it was many years before I returned, but looking out the plane window and counting 7 rainbows across the sky, I fell in love before touch down. A year later I had to return to the UK so I left, not knowing if I would ever make it back. 9 years on and not a day goes by that I don’t think about my time there. Discovering painting last year, I knew within minutes of first picking up a brush I had finally found my calling and a whole new world opened up. Health issues prevent extended periods of brushwork and the fluid art allows me longer painting time. Offers started coming in fast and right now I have…