The Writer’s Journey


Thick Skinned

Written by Samantha A House The writing world (just like any other) houses people who won’t like your work, and that’s okay: your cup of tea isn’t for everyone. Sometimes, though, people who don’t like your work feel compelled to tell you, and they do so in a manner that can hurt. It’s not especially kind or welcome, but it happens. Here are some tips to cope with that kind of criticism. Understand that it’s an opinion: You can choose to listen if you desire, but don’t let someone else’s thoughts sway your belief in your work. It’s a piece of you: believe in it like you would believe in yourself. Don’t make yourself an easy target: Ensure that your writing has no spelling or grammatical errors. It seems basic, but mistakes can easily be missed, especially when you’ve already read through the same piece a few times. One way…

Trusting Your Reader

Written by Samantha A House One of the hardest things I have had to learn with writing is to leave some of it for the readers imagination. I have this habit of wanting to hammer home my meaning and in the process bludgeoning it to death. It makes for overly long, elaborately explained prose that a reader usually ends up skim reading. Or, heaven forbid, stops reading altogether. To ensure that doesn’t happen to you, here are the tips I wish someone had told me when I started writing. Trust your reader!! I can’t emphasis this enough. Your reader is not stupid, they will pick up on the clues you’ve laid down. Yes, they are not mind readers but they can read between the lines. Example: The broken vase sparkled in the sunlight like the diamonds on her ring finger.  The reader will more than likely make the assumption from…