THE ANNUAL 2017 ǀ Orders Out for Delivery

Our pre-sale period has ended and we are pleased to announce that orders made up to 10 November, 2017 are now out for delivery. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to get in contact with us by email at We only have a limited number of copies of The Annual remaining. If you would like to purchase a copy of THE please visit our bookstore. THE ANNUAL ǀ Her Heart Poetry International Micropoetry Prize will return in 2018. Subscribe today for updates.

Poetic Fundamentals: Where We All Begin

Poetic Fundamentals: Rhyming You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t know at least one rhyme be it one they heard recently or one which floats around at the back of their mind from their formative years. Rhymes can be catchy, fun, and for centuries, they’ve been employed as a clever way of helping people learn. Poetry is obviously no stranger to rhyming, either, where most children’s first examples of poetry are introduced as nursery rhymes. Did you know, though, that rhyming isn’t always as simple as children’s poems? Rhyming at its Simplest Before we delve into different methods of rhyming, first we should ensure that the basic definition is understood. A rhyme is a sound which corresponds to and otherwise matches the sound of another word: sometimes words rhyme because their endings are spelled the same. Make, cake, slake, and rake are examples of words which rhyme because of their common…

Submissions Open

Submissions for The Writers Corner (Jul-Aug) are now OPEN, with the theme: Fairy Tales and Flights of Fancy. This topic is one that is sure to surprise and delight! We are looking for poems that are full of whimsy for the young, and young at heart. Poems that a saucy and sassy for the more mature audience and there is even scope for horror and Gothic poetry within this theme. Submissions are open until June 20th and successful entries will begin showing on Instagram from 5 July, 2017. Please see the Submission Guidelines for full details.

#IGPoetSecretSanta ǀ Denis Bernicky

Left on a coworker’s desk ǀ @dbernicky Imagine the extraordinary series of events that lead to this moment in your life, this piece of paper, this voice in your head, saying these words. Imagine the extraordinary chance of being here, now, in this moment, knowing this was just for you to read. Imagine how extraordinary you are.

#IGPoetSecretSanta ǀ Timothy D. Doss

Left under a tree for two special little girls ǀ @breathes_a_man i dont think i ever told you to hear your laughing again, just how much it makes me smile. please know, I care very deeply, and know i love you very much, it’s been a great long while. don’t ever think I forget you, you’re unforgettably special, in your own way and style.