Vol. 1 ǀ Issue 2 ~ Oct 2016: You came to me covered in fairy dust…


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Her Heart Poetry is pleased to announce that the digital anthology for Volume 1 ǀ Issue 2: You came to me covered in fairy dust… is now available for download from our Store. This anthology is the work of a passionate community dedicated to the written word. The works range from the joyous to the macabre. Various forms and styles are presented. The anthology features the work of: Julie Anne Addicott, Ivan Aguirre, Karen Astrid, Sabrina Braden, Charlie Brandon, Timothy D. Doss, Cara Downey, EaS, Angelique M. Gentry, Nicole Deniese Harris,  Isabellouise, Ariel Jimenez, Carissa K., Jessica Aayla Kasick, Khukei, Robert Lindsay, Emma M., Keyla Moura, Kimberly Nelson,  overtaxedmind, Reeta Maria Palomaki, Pooja Pathak, Chris Poh, Scorpiomoon Goddess, Cristina Williams, and Jed Wylde & Von de Haas.

Vol. 1 ǀ Issue 2: Angelique M. Gentry

Lost Soul of the Mourning Mother by Angelique M. Gentry ǀ @memoiresoftheunforgottensongs Scarlet fever plagues her mind. She longs for the child that she left behind. In the woods of last Summer when the water ran dry. Her loss is a memory that won’t say goodbye. The gods turned their backs when she prayed for some rain. All the elders just balked when she spoke of her pain. The earth crippled her feet when she ran for the nurse. Cradled in weeds with a stump for a hearse. Don’t brave the forest. Don’t call out her name. She’s a spirit that’s lost with a soul that’s been maimed. It’s the saddest of tales, misrepresented by fools. Lies demeaning and callous about a girl broke by the rules. Through her fingers ran rivers that stained her flesh red. In a puddle of death, she cried out while she bled. Desperate for help, she screamed…