Vol. 1 ǀ Issue 3 ~ Nov 2016: In Each of Us, Two Natures are at War


Vol. 1 ǀ Issue 3: DOWNLOAD NOW

Her Heart Poetry is pleased to announce that the digital anthology for Volume 1 ǀ Issue 3: In Each of Us, Two Natures are at War is now available for download from our Store. This anthology is an exploration of the desires that drive each of us.  The hidden and the known, the acknowledged and the unacknowledged.  These works are confronting, provocative, and challenging. Various forms and styles are presented. The anthology features the work of: Ashley Adams, Kate Asquith, J. Bright & U. Rani, Roman Castilleja, EaS, Christina Hira, Sharon Kellen, Lena, Cristina Munoz, Kimberly Nelson, R. R. Noall, Tannis Nohlgren, overtaxedmind, Sandhya Pillay, Ranjan Moirangthem, Renu Reddy, Roberto, Oyindamola Scott, Leighton Simms, A. Srinivasulu & A. Venkatramanan, Louise Stevens, Chantal Vanessa, The Blank Verse, Forrest Waters, A Reading Writer, Jed Wylder & Von de Haas. Anthology Cover by Haydee Suarez  ǀ @hi_haydz

Vol. 1 ǀ Issue 3: Kimberly Nelson

With familiar views of the city, I dined alfresco along the river’s edge. I was led to a table as the hanging humidity swelled the clouded skies of gray. Protected beneath the dining tent, the weather pitched in a tumultuous mood. A sudden burst and the rain sheeted down lying weighted on the water. Weighted on the water, I looked at the rising level and imagined that weight on me, your body the way it used to lay on mine. The image fevering a familiar pulse surged through my veins. You moved in slow, deliberate ways. I free fell in rapid riveted waves. I closed my eyes disinterested in the menu and felt your heaviness weighing me down. My cheeks flushed an emotive flood in the humidity of the summer rain. Summer Rain by Kimberly Nelson ǀ @gemstone.poetry