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Her Heart Poetry was borne out of the knowledge that there is a global community of voices waiting to be heard.  We wanted to give everyone who loves to write poetry the chance to share their work with the world and join a community of like minded ink spillers.

Poetry for Expression
Poetry is a form of expression that allows people to find their unique voice and share their stories. We provide a community where people can express their experiences of the world in a safe and supportive environment.

Poetry for Connection
Writing poetry without anyone to read it can be a lonely road.  Her Heart exists to create connections and provide support and feedback.  We also encourage conversations and dialogue and help others to develop their craft.

Poetry for Publication and Promotion
A published anthology is the dream for many.  Her Heart is a platform for unpublished poets to gain publication experience and find information that can help to increase his, her or their social media profile. In fact, we provide opportunities and information for anyone wishing to share their poetry more widely.

We love being able to help in all these ways, but we can’t do it without you.

Become a Her Heart Hero!
If you donate $5.00 or more you will become a Her Heart Hero.  At the end of each month we do a Thank You Shout-Out on our Instagram page to all our Heroes for the month.  For the price of a fancy coffee, you can help to keep Her Heart beating.

Make a donation to Her Heart and help us to bring new voices to the world!

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