Our People

Rayna Halloway
Editor-in-Chief ǀ @herheartshapedbox

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Rayna is Mama-Bear to a cheeky toddler who loves giving raspberries, and a Bonus-Mama to a sassy tween who is obsessed with Pixel Gun. When she is not wearing her Mama-Hat she writes short stories and poetry and spends hours snuggled up with the work of the Her Heart Poetry community.

Rayna brings qualifications in Communications and Public Relations and a career served in the Not-For-Profit and Education Sectors to her role with Her Heart. She is an avid reader, a lover of words and has been publishing her poetry online for over 10 years. You can connect with her Instagram page here.

Her Heart is a labour of love that grew out of Rayna’s commitment to the thousands of talented people that she has met through social media. In her capacity as curator, she has the unique opportunity to showcase and share the multiple voices and perspectives that make up the world of Her Heart.

Kelvin Lloyd
Associate Editor – Features ǀ @heartwrds

Kelvin’s love of poetry started with Shakespeare in an English class in rural New Zealand as a teenager.  Now based in Melbourne, Australia, he continues his love of the written word through daily reading, reviewing, and writing, both professionally and for personal enjoyment.

Kelvin is a passionate advocate for LGBQT rights, and is currently working on a soon-to-be-released blog series on ethical consumerism and the environment.

Kelvin’s work is varied, and you’ll find him reviewing anthologies, putting the ‘social’ in social media, and showcasing all the wonderful responses to Her Heart’s weekly writing prompts.

Jonathan Brooks
Associate Editor – New Voices ǀ @angelfell121

Jonathan is a Dad and poet based in the wonderful Lake District in England. He started writing poetry as a child, combining his own words with photos taken by his talented Father.  This love affair with words and images continues today and is a part of his aesthetic and style. You can connect with his Instagram page here.

Jonathan’s inspirations include great writers like Betjeman and Dylan Thomas, but he also has a penchant for the daft and silly, with Spike Millagan and The Ning Nang Nong being all time favourites.

Jonathan is responsible for identifying new and talented voices, finding the rare and hidden gems on Instagram, and identifying poets for feature. He is committed to providing a platform for the many voices of our global poetry community.

Yaz Dellicompagni
Feast of Verse Facilitator and Reviewer ǀ @feastofverse

She crochets, she sews, she even takes photographs whilst playing her cello (all in an amateur fashion). Her biggest challenge: mama to Nico, her son. When Yaz isn’t blending concoctions of baby food, she’s consuming poetry and regurgitating all things poetic.

Based in Bimingham, England, Yaz is an infectious English teacher. Her mission: expose students to the poetic word. She marks poetry for an examination board and holds a masters qualification in teaching and learning. She leads our monthly Feast of Verse Poetry Book Club and also reviews anthologies. You can connect with Yaz’ poetry here.

Samuel Blake
Associate editor – On Craft ǀ @herheart_oncraft

To say “there’s no place like home” is an understatement where Samuel is concerned. Often found roaming the jungles and oceans of Hawaii, U.S.A, it’s easy to see where much of the inspiration for his writing originates. He’s a loving husband whose beautiful bride is also the subject of much of his work, and his faithful pup, Quaid, is ever by his side in adventures both real and written. When Samuel isn’t writing, he’s typically lost in nature with his camera, snapping pictures for future works.

Samuel has been a self-starter from day one, though you’d never know it from the quality of his work in the fields of sustainable living, horticulture, and writing. He is passionate about education, equal rights, and finding ways to live in harmony with the natural world, and his writing reflects all of these concepts. More than anything, though, Samuel’s passions lie in empowering others whether through encouragement or the constructive feedback. You can connect with Samuel’s personal poetry page here.

If you would like to contribute to Her Heart Poetry please contact us via email at connect@herheartpoetry.com.