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Our curators are the people who keep the content going on Her Heart Poetry’s main page.
They review feature submissions and scour the online world for the poets which grace our feed daily.

Lead Curator – Instagram

Jed Wylde is in the United States, she is an avid supporter of the arts, loves poetry and music. She is inspired by nature and this beautiful planet. Her dream is to one day retire from her demanding job so she can travel and write full time.

Jed is one half of the creative duo Something I Did. You can see more of their work, which is an exploration of the collision of words and art, on Instagram, and together with HeartWrds, their visual writing prompts will challenge you to think in previously undiscovered ways.

Curator – Instagram

Kristina is an editor from the United States who, in her spare time, writes, reads, and takes photos. Among her favorite poets are Octavio Paz, Frank O’Hara, E.E. Cummings, and the ancient Chinese masters.

A published poet, Kristina’s work, which leans towards micropoetry, achieves connection in very few words, and is complex, layered and rich. Kristina is a poet who is not afraid of the dark, or what hides inside. You can see more of her work, and connect with her on Instagram.

Curator – Instagram

Mei is a Singaporean poet at the crossroads of cultures. Having spent several years living in France and fluent in English, French, and Mandarin, her love of travel and nature inspires many of her poems. She savours the sacred in the everyday, and has an affinity and deep love for the written word.

Mei’s poetry has been featured in the San Pedro River Review (Fall 2017 issue) and on ezines like The Connotation Press. Her work has also been nominated for The Pushcart Prize. Always looking forward to speading her passion for poetry, she posts micropoems regularly on her Instagram page, Lipstick & Miracles, and is motivated by the meaningful connections she has formed with the many talented writers on Instagram.

Curator – Instagram


Associate Editors

Each channel under the Her Heart Poetry umbrella has an Associate Editor at the helm.
They create challenges and prompts, keep our community inspired, and connect with hundreds of writers every week in an effort to make sure you know, that you’re never alone.

Associate Editor – Her Heart’s Reach

Stephanie has struggled with bipolar disorder since her teenage years despite only recently discovering her depression had been misdiagnosed for almost a decade. She also deals with severe generalized and social anxiety. Silence on the subjects fed her suffering, so she was never shy about her discussing her illness but felt the stigmas surrounding her ailments, nonetheless, because of others’ reactions. She learned her mental illness was a faux-pas at a young age, and in 2017, postpartum depression and the first active suicidal ideation in years were added to her list. Then she found her voice anew.

Associate Editor – Her Heart’s New

Nicole is a published poet and has been active within Instagram’s writing communities for several years. Previously she shared her words via “Fallen Angel,” her Facebook page. When Nicole first joined Instagram as @nicolegabert_fallenangel, she quickly earned herself the unofficial title, “Tag Queen,” thanks to her passion for creating original hashtags and enthusiastic tagging of any writer with a poetry account!

Recently winning the “Heartlixir Poetry: Inspiration to New Poets Award,” Nicole has also been recognized by @globalwordsmiths as one of their most encouraging artists, and her poetry was featured in their celebratory “11k Followers Special Features.” Nicole is also the Creative Director of @buildingbold who aims to empower women globally.

Nicole’s poetry was first featured by @herheartpoetry who, at the time, had recently launched their own page. She credits Her Heart Poetry with introducing her to the IG writing community and for being a continued source of support where her writing is concerned. Eager to do the same for other new writers, Nicole is excited to join @herheartpoetry as the Associate Editor for @herheartsnew.

Associate Editor – Her Heart Forms

Phoenix Rises Poetry has lived many lives in many places. Her time spent working in business, yoga and healing, diversity and inclusion fields along with her passion for the natural world and gardening have culminated in a visceral, yet empathetic poetic voice.  Her words sometimes smart, because they burn a little bit of what we don’t need away, but it is all done with nothing but much love.

Whilst British, she is drawn to the peace and rawness of the endlessly green and coastal beauty of Northern Spain.

As Associate Editor of Her Heart Forms she hopes to help inspire other poets, nurturing them on their journey through life with words.

Associate Editor – Her Heart Spoken

“I truly believe art can save people, because it saved me.”

Mel started writing a short three years ago when she fell in love with literature and words. Art had always been a part of her life in some form, but writing and poetry only recently came into prominence allowing her to finish the final draft of her first book. Mel considers herself fortunate to be surrounded with the many amazing family members and friends who have encouraged her throughout the process of her healing through poetry.

Having grown up with classical music and literature, Mel’s favorite poets include Baudelaire and Blake, and she also loves reading Marcus Aurelius. Her ambitions with Her Heart Spoken may be a result of her love for diversity, too: “I hope people realize the power of their voice. Speaking your pain or love or truth is raw and beautiful, and I just hope people realize that it doesn’t need to be “pretty.” It just needs to be real and true. People should know they matter.”

Associate Editor – Two Hearts Beat Stronger

Hangama is a Lecturer in two post-secondary institutions in Canada. She is a published poet and short story writer who has been writing since the age of ten. Inspired by her poet father and creative mother, Hangama has also been greatly influenced by the great poets, philosophers, and writers of the East such as Mawlana Jallauddin Rumi, Rabia Al-Basri, Hafiz, Attar, Gibran, Omar Khayyam, and Ibn Arabi.

Her passion lies in spiritual poetry of the Sufi realm.
She is also an avid traveler and photographer of nature and all its wonders.

Junior Associate Editors

The Junior Associate Editors are the people who try make life a little easier for their Associate Editors.
Essentially a training role, each of the JAEs gets to learn the ropes of managing a page from the Associate Editors themselves. These are the leaders of future Her Heart Poetry branches!

Associate Editor – Her Heart Spoken

Sean was born and raised in Houston, TX, and loves having fun, smiling, and laughing until his sides hurt (he also loves playing games and watching movies), but if it involves great heights or depths, count him out.

“I believe in living a life measured by true happiness and encourage everyone to pursue whatever it is that delivers them to that,” and that’s probably why he loves all forms of art including photography and writing. Like many of us, Sean has been a writer at heart since his childhood, reading Dr. Seuss books anywhere he could find them as well as Harriet the Spy. Some of his favorite poets are Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Frost, William Shakespeare, Flannery O’Connor, and Shel Silverstein, but the inspiration for his writing comes from various sources.

Sometimes it’s from a single word seen or heard, other times it’s from the memory of a past relationship: it really just depends on what is going on in both the world and his mind at the time. Regardless of where it originates, Sean simply loves that inspiration comes at all and loves that he can create because of it.

Junior Associate Editor – Her Heart Forms

Ashley is a concert going, true crime drama-loving indie author from Alabama, and although she’s from the South, her heart dwells in Washington DC (or the Caribbean). As a former Inmate Substance Abuse Counselor, her research has been published in Crime and Delinquency magazine, and she also has work featured on various poetry-based websites. Currently, she moves between consulting, editing books for others, and working with computers, but her love for research endures. In fact, you’ll often find her alternating between reading poetry books and psychological studies.

Ashley has been writing off and on since childhood, but with the support of her husband and their rescued cat-child, Shadow Monkey, she started sharing her voice only a few years ago. She is the co-founder of FallsPoetry prompt which runs on both Instagram and Twitter. She also co-hosts DarkLines and DrugVerse prompts on Twitter, and she helps run a writer support group, Poets, Poetry and Publishing, on Facebook.



What publication is a publication at all if it has no writers?
Our columnists produce content on a regular basis to keep you on the edge of your seat and at the top of the writing world. They are founts of knowledge, entertainment, and insight looking to share their experience with you.

Samantha House
Columnist – The Writer’s Journey

Samantha is the mother of four energetic children based in Mandurah, Western Australia. Her love of the written word started at an early age and saw her attempt to write a magazine based on her family and friends, various poems and a novel based on her Australian history lessons before her school years ended.

Samantha is inspired by the world and the wonderfulness in it, and her writing reflects her belief that everything is connected in some way and that equal rights should be a given. Her blog is a place where she shares her writing journey and the tips and tricks she has picked up from other writers along the way.

Inspired by the writing community, Samantha’s articles focus on getting that story written and the little things that will help you get it done.   

Noteworthy Mentions

While these people may not be directly associated with Her Heart Poetry anymore, we still think of them as family and acknowledge that without their initiative and leadership, Her Heart Poetry wouldn’t be what it is today.
Should they ever want to come home, our doors are always open!

Rayna Hutchison
Founder – Her Heart Poetry

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Rayna is Mama-Bear to a cheeky toddler who loves giving raspberries, and a Bonus-Mama to a sassy tween who is obsessed with Pixel Gun. When she is not wearing her Mama-Hat she writes short stories and poetry and spends hours snuggled up with the work of the Her Heart Poetry community.

Rayna brings qualifications in Communications and Public Relations and a career served in the Not-For-Profit and Education Sectors to her role with Her Heart. She is an avid reader, a lover of words and has been publishing her poetry online for over 10 years. You can connect with her Instagram page here.

Her Heart is a labour of love that grew out of Rayna’s commitment to the thousands of talented people that she has met through social media. In her capacity as curator, she has the unique opportunity to showcase and share the multiple voices and perspectives that make up the world of Her Heart.

If you would like to contribute to Her Heart Poetry please contact us via email at connect@herheartpoetry.com.