The Readers Corner

Each month Her Heart Poetry is proud to feature the work of published authors from the Her Heart Poetry community. These are works which have been published through traditional media channels and include poetry anthologies, and works of fiction and non-fiction.

This month we are pleased to feature the following titles and their authors:

by Rosemary Van Deuren ǀ @rosemaryvandeuren
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Basajaun is a beautiful book, written by a masterful wordsmith!” –T. A. Barron
“a magical tale of defiance and desperation” –Publisher’s Weekly Select

“richly detailed and layered with more meaning than what you just find on the surface” –

A mystical warren. A ruthless pastor.
A girl whose courage will be put to the test.

Twelve year-old Cora Clyde is a farmer’s daughter in an isolated, turn of the century town. But when a vicious and mysterious pastor preaches that the countryside’s wild rabbits must be destroyed, Cora befriends a sentient rogue rabbit named Basajaun. As the rabbits’ hidden, magical world beckons to her, Cora becomes a target for the pastor’s deadly plan. Soon the secret behind the rabbits’ plight is unveiled, and Cora must fight to save not only their lives, but her own.

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book-coverThe Imperfect Portrait
by Bryan Lordeus ǀ @brotherhumbled

“The Imperfect Portrait” aims to address the vanities of humanity and the reality of Christianity from the perspective of a flawed Christian. The author uses the personas of Two Dope and Brother Humbled throughout this twelve poem anthology to explore the human condition. These two characters symbolize two extremes of opposing virtues that each person is capable of possessing. Topics of broken relationships, lustful intentions, self-righteousness and identity is discussed in detail.  The anthology concludes with the idea that being a struggling Christian does not deem you any less worthy of grace and redemption. Rather, an imperfect human being is a fractured reflection of the One who is perfect.

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