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Her Heart Poetry Vol. 2 I Issue 1 – January 2017
The Best of Me
Featuring: elizabeth Ann, Jon Bright Jr, Kellie Courtney, EaS, Lauren Harwyn, Lisha Murphy, Cristina Munoz and more…

Volume 1 Issue 4 ThumbnailHer Heart Poetry: Vol. 1 ǀ Issue 3 ~ December 2016
Give Hope
Featuring: Josie Amour, Nikkeya Bell, Robert Causley, Jill Dyer, Kate Gadenne, Angelique Gentry, Cynthia Go, Christina Hira, and more…

Nov 16 Anthology ThumbnailHer Heart Poetry: Vol. 1 ǀ Issue 3 ~ November 2016
In Each of Us, Two Natures are at War
Featuring: Ashley Adams, Kate Asquith, J. Bright & U. Rani, Roman Castilleja, EaS, Christina Hira, Sharon Kellen, Lena, Cristina Munoz and more…

wc-october-coverHer Heart Poetry: Vol. 1 I Issue 2 ~ October 2016
You came to me covered in fairy dust…
Featuring: Julie Anne Addicott, Ivan Aguirre, Karen Astrid, Sabrina Braden, Charlie Brandon, Timothy D. Doss, Cara Downey, EaS and more…

Vol 1 Iss 1 Cover Her Heart PoetryHer Heart Poetry: Vol. 1 I Issue 1 ~ September 2016
You Carried my Heart in Your Pocket
Featuring: Rachael Anderson, A. B. Atlas, Ester M. Avalon, Aaron Bailey, Bella, Hamda Belrumaitha, P. T. Dass, Brendan R. Ellis, Amani Fitzgerald and more…

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