The Writers Corner Submissions

Theme: A Life of Rhyme

Does your cuplet runneth over? 

Her Heart is calling for poems that celebrate the art of rhyme. From a single rhyming couplet to a poem composed entirely of rhymes and refrains, we are looking for works that bring a contemporary twist to a traditional form.

Submission Period: 1 July, 2017 – 20 September, 2017
Showing Online and on Instagram: 1 November, 2017 – 31 December, 2017

Submission Guidelines:

  • Your work must be contained on a single Instagram ready image (jpeg, png, tif, gif).
  • Your submission must be in a square shape (all other shapes will be instantly deemed ineligible).
  • Please consider readability when constructing your submission.
  • Poems and prose (nanotales/microfiction) will be accepted. Please note we specialise in short-form / micropoetry and successful selections will reflect this.
  • If your image contains artwork then this must be your original work and cannot be imagery that has been sourced from the internet.
  • You may submit up to THREE pieces.
  • Your work must contain, at a minimum, one rhyming couplet to qualify. You may have additional lines that do not rhyme. Alternatively, we are happy to see forms which are comprised of distinct rhyming patterns.

Up to 180 poems will be selected. Up to 90 works will be selected in the Highly Commended category and will be published to, the digital anthology, and Her Heart social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  Up to 90 additional works will be selected for publication on Instagram.

Her Heart is looking for works that:

  • Are well constructed, with clear thought given to word selection, word interplay and imagery;
  • Subvert the ordinary and present an interesting or unique perspective;
  • Grab the heart, and make the reader feel or experience.

Please note that by submitting you agree to our Terms.

We look forward to reading your submission. If you have any questions please email