VOLUME 1 ǀ 2016

Where will the words take you?

In 2016 we began the journey of collecting and curating micropoetry for digital publication. These anthologies represent the work of the many talented poets, from the global poetry community, who have chosen to share their  words with us. Please select the volume that you would like to read by clicking on the title of the anthology.

You can also download a digital copy of the anthology by visiting our bookstore.

Vol 1 Iss 1 Cover Her Heart PoetryVolume 1 ǀ Issue 1 ~ September 2016: You Carried my Heart in your Pocket.

Rachael Anderson, A. B. Atlas, Ester M. Avalon, Aaron Bailey, Bella, Hamda Belrumaitha, P. T. Dass, Brendan R. Ellis, Amani Fitzgerald, Katie Himes, Isabellouise, Allen James, Michael Joyce, Jacob Locke, Samantha Montoya, Kimberly Nelson, Aditya Srinivasulu, William Thompson, and Jed Wylde & Von de Haas.


Volume 1 ǀ Issue 2 ~ October 2016: You Came to Me Covered in Fairy Dust…

Julie Anne Addicott, Ivan Aguirre, Karen Astrid, Sabrina Braden, Charlie Brandon, Timothy D. Doss, Cara Downey, EaS, Angelique M. Gentry, Nicole Deniese Harris,  Isabellouise, Ariel Jimenez, Carissa K., Jessica Aayla Kasick, Khukei, Robert Lindsay, Emma M., Keyla Moura, Kimberly Nelson,  overtaxedmind, Reeta Maria Palomaki, Pooja Pathak, Chris Poh, Scorpiomoon Goddess, Cristina Williams, and Jed Wylde & Von de Haas.

Volume 1 ǀ Issue 3 ~ November 2016: In Each of Us, Two Natures are at War

Ashley Adams, Kate Asquith, J. Bright & U. Rani, Roman Castilleja, EaS, Christina Hira, Sharon Kellen, Lena, Cristina Munoz, Kimberly Nelson, R. R. Noall, Tannis Nohlgren, overtaxedmind, Sandhya Pillay, Ranjan Moirangthem, Renu Reddy, Roberto, Oyindamola Scott, Leighton Simms, A. Srinivasulu & A. Venkatramanan, Louise Stevens, Chantal Vanessa, The Blank Verse, Forrest Waters, A Reading Writer, Jed Wylde & Von de Haas.

Volume 1 ǀ Issue 4: Give Hope

Josie Amour, Nikkeya Bell, Robert Causley, Dave, Jill Dyer, Kate Gadenne, Angelique Gentry, Cynthia Go, Christina Hira, Jenny Leigh Hodgins, Jamaar, Kristen Lem, M.A., Shavari Narendra, Drishti Soni, Teesha Thomas and Jed Wylde & Von De Haas.